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Alle Seminartermine zu Yoga Psychology Asana Intensive

Do you want to dive deeper into your own practice and/or teaching? Join me on an adventure through your body, mind and soul while playfully adopting the Yoga poses, alone or in a partner exercise. There will be a lot of room for developing concentration, strength, flexibility, coordination. This is your personal journey to dive deep into your awareness, expand your limitations, uncover your inner strength, flexibility and other potentials lying beyond your perceived limitations. I invite you to bring your own ideas and personal experience into this course and from there we develop together the kind of Asanas you want to explore. In a more self-loving way, you will come closer to yourself by getting to know more about your body, your emotions, your thoughts and also your soul. Within yourself, you will find space for self-acceptance, self-healing and joy.
Open for intermediate and advanced Yoga practitioners as well as Yoga teachers. This course is conducted in english without translation.

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