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Seminarroom Ananda

The Ananda room (Sanskrit for bliss, felicity) measures 285m² and is the biggest and brightest seminar room in our house. It is very popular for larger events of all kind and it is the “heart” of the Seminarhaus Shanti. This seminar room is flooded with light and has window fronts on three sides, facing east, south and west. It has a view of the park and its own terrace (15x8m, slab-lined) which is can be accessed via patio doors. The room facilitates chairs for up to 220 people and there is enough space for approx. 120 yoga mats.

length = 18,2 m / width = 15,6 m / height = 3,2 m to 4,1 m / 4 pillars
floor covering = carpet / with blinds to dim
Sound- & lighting system installed / 3-m-flexible screen

No shoes allowed




Seminarroom Shanti Devi

The seminar room Shanti Devi (sanskrit for goddes of peace) has two ceiling-high window fronts facing east and west. It measures 250 m² and offers seating for approx. 220 people or approx. 120 yoga mats. If required, we can equip the room with a stage or a lectern.

length = 19 m / width = 13,1 m / height = 3 m 
floor covering = carpet
Sound- & lighting system installed

3m flexible screen installed on the front wall

No shoes allowed




Seminarroom Sundari

The seminar-room Sundari (sanskrit for beautiful) is bright and measures 215m². It has a particularly warm atmosphere because of its sun yellow walls and the parquet floor. A very pleasant space for seminars and workshops, either with or without chairs. The windows are north-facing. Three skylights ensure that there is beautiful natural light.

length = 14,9 m / width = 13,1 m / 2 pillars
floor covering = parquet




Seminarroom Premānanda

The seminar room Premananda (sanskrit for through love to bliss) measures 52m². With or without chairs, the room is ideal for seminars and workshops. The windows are west facing towards the park.

length = 9,7 m / width = 5,4 m / 1 pillar
floor covering = carpet

No shoes allowed




Seminarroom Vidyānanda

The seminar room Vidyananda (sanskrit for bliss through knowledge) measures 52m² and plenty of daylight flooding through the west facing windows. With or without chairs, the room is ideal for seminars, talks and workshops.

length = 9,5 m / width = 5,5 m / 1 pillar
floor covering = carpet




Seminarroom Supriyānanda

The seminar room Supriyananda (sanskrit for beloved blissful) measures 50m² and has east-facing windows. Two doors make the room very accessible and you can hire it with or without chairs. 

length = 9,3 m / width = 5,4 m / 1 pillar
floor covering = carpet

No shoes allowed




Seminarroom Dayananda

The seminar room Dayananda (sanskrit for bliss through compassion) measures 26m² and is ideal for smaller group work and seminars. The light floods in from the west and gives the room a beautiful atmosphere, especially in the afternoon. 

length = 5,5 m / width = 4,5 m
floor covering = carpet

No shoes allowed


Seminar facilitator office Vishwananda

The seminar facilitator office Vishwananda (sanskrit for the whole world in bliss) measures 26m² and has LAN connection. It offers seminar facilitators the facilities to prepare their seminars. The room has west-facing windows towards the park.

length = 5,5 m / width = 4,5 m
floor covering = carpet

2 LAN connections



The seminar room Pranava (sanskrit for the chanting of OM) is our former meditation room and measures 45m². It has a white carpet, sun yellow walls and plenty of meditation cushions. We are happy to equip the room according to your needs.

length = 7,5 m / width = 6,0 m
floor covering = carpet

No shoes allowed




Teaching kitchen Annapurna

The teaching kitchen Annapurna (sanskrit for fullness of nourishment) measures 35m² and offers everything you might need for your cooking workshops. There are 2 ovens, 3 units with 4 ceramic hobs each, a dishwasher, pots, pans, knives, plates, cutlery, cooking and baking utensils. You can hold vegetarian and vegan cooking seminars for up to 20 people here. Directly next to the kitchen is a dining room measuring 25m², where you can enjoy your freshly prepared meals.

length = 10 m / width = 3,5 m
floor covering = stone ware


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