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Dates: 8 x on Wednesday: 21.04. – 16.06.2021 (No class on 26.05.2021)
Time: from 17:00 – 18:00 p.m.

In English without translation.

Comprehensive Veda Chanting Course. Study the complete framework and nuances involved in Veda Recitation as taught by Pandits in South India. Learn the most important Shanti Mantras of the Upanishads and two of the most sacred Moksha Mantras of the Veda tradition, the Gayatri and Mahamrityunjaya Tryambakam Mantras. Experience deep inner peace, spiritual awakening and clarity of mind with Classical Veda Mantra Recitation!
English Language course.

An incredible opportunity to study with a true expert from South India.

German speakers would be best advised to attend the Sanskrit grammar course with Dr. phil. Oliver Hahn. These two courses were designed to complement each other.

The Veda Chanting course introduces Vedic culture and traditional Vedic reciting. The emphasis is on practicing the correct pronounciation. The Sanskrit grammar course focuses on grammer and theory to enable you to learn Sanskrit. This knowledge will help you to understand the meaning of Mantras, Kirtans and Sanskrit texts.

Course objectives:
At the end of the course, students will
• Learn 6 important mantras for peace
• Understand and apply the framework of rules of Vedic chanting
• Be initiated into the practice of japa of gayatri & mahamrtyunjaya mantra, as taught by traditional Vedic scholars
• Have a high level overview of the Vedas

Dates & curriculum:
1.) April 21 – Vedic chanting intro (svara & aspirated sounds) + saha navavatu
2. ) April 28 – Veda overview + purna
3. ) May 5 – Vedic chanting rules part 1 (anusvara & visarga) + sam no mitrah
4.) May 12 – Vedic chanting rules part 2 (conjunct consonants) + bhadram
5. ) May 19 – Vedic chanting rules part 3 (pauses) + namo brahmane
May 26 (no class)
6.) June 2 – Vedic chanting rules part 4 (review all rules) + van me
7. ) June 9 – gayatri mantra japa
8.) June 16 – mahamrtyunjaya mantra japa

1. Zoom recordings
2. Text with Vedic phonetic guide
3. MP3 of all mantras taugh
4. Presentation material used will be shared for download
5. Interactive classes

For the course you need:
• a quiet room without interference
• Yoga mat or carpet
• stable internet connection
• Computer or tablet (smartphone if necessary) with camera and microphone, with which you can dial in via zoom

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