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Alle Seminartermine zu Bhajan Govindam from Adi Shankaracharya- the hymn of renunciation- Online Kurs Reihe

10 x samstags von 10:00 – 11:30 Uhr

22.01.2022 / 29.01.2022 / 05.02.2022 / 12.02.2022 / 19.02.2022 / 26.02.2022 / 05.03.2022 / 12.03.2022 / 19.03.2022 / 26.03.2022
Teachings in English without translation.
Bhaja Govindam literally means "seek and worship God". Shekar Pandey introduces you to the teachings of the holy scripture "Bhaja Govindam" - the hymn of renunciation by Shankaracharyas. Learn how to defy the distractions of the world and always think of the highest in everyday life. With anecdotes from the life and work of Shankaracharya. Bhaja Govindam is a short but particularly important scripture by Adi Shankara, a great thinker and Advaita philosopher. It teaches the principles of Vedanta in simple, musical verses. Bhaja Govindam presents an eloquent picture of the art of self-realisation and gives a profound diagnosis of human unhappiness. The seemingly simple stotrams (verses) are like a manual for seekers to shape the path of life, free from disillusionment, purposeful and to achieve enlightenment.The text comprises of 31 stotrams. The opening stanza is taken as a refrain or chorus to be chanted at the end of the following verses, tradition has it that Acharya Sankara gave out the first 12 stanzas himself. They go under the name Dvadasamanjarika Stotram. Very contagious must have been the Teacher’s inspired mood and the exploding poem, that each of his 14 followers, at that time in his company, contributed a stanza of his own, and they together under the title Caturdasa Manjarika Stotram.After listening to all the verses, Sankara blesses all true seekers of all times in the last four stanzas.This set of 31 stanzas, together titled Moha Mudagra, has been a very popular text. Session plan:
Session – 1: Introduction to the text and Shloka 1 -3
Session – 2: Sholakas 4-6
Session – 3: Sholakas 7-9
Session – 4: Sholakas 10-12
Session – 5: Sholakas 13-15
Session – 6: Sholakas 16-18
Session – 7: Sholakas 19-21
Session – 8: Sholakas 22-24
Session – 9: Sholakas 25-27
Session – 10: Sholakas 28-31
Pedagogy: The introduction and overview is followed by taking up each of the Stotram (satanza) individually and an attempt made to understand ist meaning, interpretation, and draw the very essence that is being conveyed through the powerful stotra. Discussions are an integral part of the session and participants are encouraged to contribute to the discussions, enriching it with their own thoughts and experiences.

At the beginning of your course series you will receive a separate link for downloads which remains valid for up to 4 weeks after the last course unit. On the next day of each course unit, the recorded lesson will be available for download. In this way, you can delve deeper into the contents of the course at your own pace.

For the course you need:
• a quiet room without interference
• Yoga mat or carpet
• stable Internet connection
• Computer or tablet (smartphone if necessary) with camera and microphone, with which you can dial in via zoom

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