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Time: Saturday morning from 9-12 a.m.

A yogic lifestyle is one of simple living and positive thinking. It has much to offer you, especially it includes a number of cleansing practices, known as ‘kriyas’ in Sanskrit. Best practiced in the Spring-time, these are natural ways to eliminate the tension, physical impurities and energetic blockages which inhibit your enjoyment of radiant good health.

Kriyas take very little time and you can benefit greatly by including them in a regular routine of yoga postures and a pure diet. Cleansing can enable you to experience a positive state of glowing, joyful wellbeing that is more than the simple negation of disease.

Join Swami Saradananda to learn simple techniques to rid your body of accumulated impurities and strengthen the subtle energy channels. Yoga cleansing can help you to re-establish a connection with the natural order of the universe. Regular practice removes many of the obstacles that block your ability to bond with the more positive aspects of the world and its environment. As you begin to include some of the cleansing practices into your daily routine, you will be amazed at their positive effects.

Swamiji’s article "Frühjahrsreinigung mit Klang” appears in the Feb-Marz issue (page 78-80) of Yoga Aktuell magazine.

For the workshop you only need:
• a quiet room without disturbance
• Yoga mat or rug
• stable internet connection
• Computer or tablet (if necessary smartphone) with camera and microphone with which you can dial in via zoom.

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