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10 x sonntags, vom 9.1.-13.3.22
Zeit jeweils von 10:00 – 11:00 Uhr

Teachings in English without translation.
In this course you have the unique opportunity to directly learn from a master who belongs to one of the last traditional families of the Jaiminiya Samaveda . This is the oldest and most musical of only three surviving forms of Samavedic chanting. There are nowadays only a few families who have preserved and still practice this style and it is rarely taught to outsiders.The Samaveda is the most melodical of the four Vedas (Rigveda, Samaveda, Atharvaveda and Yajurveda) and meant to be chanted instead of being read. Its content is almost the same as the Rigveda but modified in a melodic way. It is regarded as the root of Indian classical music and is said to have a positive impact on health and well-being. The scope is to go into editation through the singing of hymns. This unique way of chanting creates a powerful vibration which benefits both the practitioner as well as the surrounding. It is also used in important rituals, like yajnas where a Samavedi takes the part of the udgatha rithwik, the singing priest.Each session comprises a theoretical part where you will learn about the meaning, composition, traditional teaching methods and uses of the Samaveda as well as a practical part where you can chant together with one of the last exponents of the Jaiminiya tradition who has memorized the full Samaveda in the traditional way. You will learn about the importance of sound as opposed to the written word and see how traditional knowledge was passed down from guru to sishya (disciple) in the Gurukula system.
Course content:
- Introduction: What is the Samaveda? Difference from Rigveda, What is so special about it?
- Composition of Samaveda.
- Practical chanting, pronunciation
- Different branches of Samaveda chanting.
- What is the Jaimineeyam style? Where does it come from, where is it still practiced?
- Examples of rituals where Samaveda chanting is used
- What are the benefits of Samaveda chanting?
- Traditional teaching methods, Gurukula system

At the beginning of your course series you will receive a separate link for downloads which remains valid for up to 4 weeks after the last course unit. On the next day of each course unit, the recorded lesson will be available for download. In this way, you can delve deeper into the contents of the course at your own pace.

For the course you need:
• a quiet room without interference
• Yoga mat or carpet
• stable Internet connection
• Computer or tablet (smartphone if necessary) with camera and microphone, with which you can dial in via zoom

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