KünstlerInnen/ReferentInnen europäischer Yogakongress 2022

Amadio Bianchi - (Mahamandaleshwar Swami Suryananda Saraswati Yogacharya Amadio Bianchi Maharaj) is the Founder of the World Yoga and Ayurveda Community, President of the World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda, of the European Yoga Federation, of the International School of Yoga and Ayurveda C.Y. Surya, Vice President of the International Yog Confederation of New Delhi, a Founding member of the European Ayurveda Association, Advisor of the United Consciousness Global, Member of Global Council of Hindu Leaders, National Coordinator for Italy of the Hindu Acarya Saba.


Anna Galovicova - Chairman of Slovak- Indian Friendship Society,  Chairman of Slovak Anti-Poverty Network and Executive Coordinator European Anti-Poverty Network in Brusells, Coordinator of Project.

Current Role or Position:
Dr. Anna Galovicova is  Founder and  Chairman of Slovak Indian Friendship Society and Coordinator of the Projects.  As  Director of Mental Health Centre  in Liptov-Jakubovany she has been leading Training for the Psychophysical and Psychospiritual Awareness and she develops, and quality enhances the Relaxation and Stress management  training methods, and the team responsible for  implementing Preventive Health Projects and  Restart projects during pandemics COVID-19. Dr. Anna Galovičova is  Yoga Teacher -She has been running yoga courses in many towns in Czecho-Slovakia last 52 years.


Emy Blesio - Mahamandaleshwar Pandit Yogacharini Swami Gayatri Devi, is a Yoga Paripurna schoolmaster and UPF Ambassador for Peace (recognized by the UN), received Honoris Causa doctorate by Techno India University (Kolkata-West Bengal - India), and elected Advisor of the same University. Her experience in the Yoga discipline and Indian culture dated since 1965, even she already was very interested in the culture and philosophy of India. In 2010 she received the "F. Gandhi Simplicity Award" at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in New Delhi, India.



Jadaranko Miklec - Yogacharya, Yoga and Ayurveda therapist, teacher of Transcendental Meditation and Maharishi's Vedic Science, Vanaushadhi Bhishagacharya (Herbal Scientist), President of Institute for Yoga and Ayurveda „SUN“.

Jadranko Miklec teaches Yoga in Europe, America and other continents (India, China). He gained knowledge about Yoga from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, A.G. Mohan – direct disciple of Shri T. Krishnamacharya, Maharishi Swami Dev Murti, Yogacharya Dr. Mukund Bhole, other Yogacharyas and his own insights which he gained trough the long practice and discovering deeper understanding of Yoga. He wrote 6 books about yoga. Also he has experience with the application of Yoga and Ayurveda to sport (tenis, football, diver, yudo, volley-ball, etc.).


Madame Lourdes J.D. Çabuk - was born in the Philippines in 1950. She graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines with a bachelor’s degree in medical technology. She worked on art, beauty and spiritual development. In the beginning of 1980’s, she received an education on Yoga, Natural Stones and Healing Exercises With Crystals from a teacher who was a student of Master “Osho” Bhagwan Shree Rashneesh. She attended lessons of various teachers in India. She gained knowledge and experience in yoga, precious and semi-precious stones in USA. 


Sukadev Bretz - Gründer und spiritueller Leiter von Yoga Vidya. 1. Vorsitzender des Berufsverbandes der Yoga Vidya Gesundheitsberater, Kursleiter und Therapeuten (BYVG) sowie des Berufsverbandes der Yoga Vidya LehrerInnen. Er versteht es wunderbar, tiefe Weisheit humorvoll weiterzugeben. 1992 gründete er die Yoga Vidya Zentren, um einen ganzheitlichen, lebensnahen Yoga zu lehren. Yoga Vidya hat inzwischen 4 große Yoga Ashrams, über 100 Yoga Vidya Zentren und 11.000 ausgebildete Yogalehrer. Erlebe den dynamischen Begründer einer der führenden Yoga Bewegungen Europas.

Swamy Tureyananda Saravanan Vijyakumar - is founder of European Yoga Therapist Federation, A private charitable organisation to promote and research yoga therapy.  Before his movement to Europe, he was the force behind the creation of the famous yoga research centre of Madura college, Madurai. He has customised and devised courses on yoga therapy at university level. he has trained more than 7000 students in yoga therapy.

Vikrant Singh Tomar


Yogi Baba Adnan Ananda Siddviho Çabuk - Master Yogibaba Adnan Ananda Siddviho Çabuk, alias, the Mesopotamian Yogi was born in the beautiful city of Mardin, Turkey, the cradle of various civilizations, cultures and religions which live in harmony and unity.

He owns an authentic ashram in Taurus Mountains of Alanya, Antalya, Turkey where he teaches Classical Spiritual Yoga together with his wife and the other Master of Siddashram Yoga Center, Madame Lourdes Çabuk. Other than teacher training programs, they also host Yoga purification camps in this ashram which is the only authentic ashram in Turkey.

Master Yogi Baba Adnan Ananda Siddviho Çabuk has an autobiography called “Without Disturbing the Silence-The Life Adventure of a Mesopotamian Yogi” published in 2008


Aischwarya Devi Mary - Dance Teacher - Choreographer - Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Life Coach, Alternative Therapist born by the name of Mary Soukoulis is an experienced dancer, choreographer, founder of Yoga Dance System and one of the first Yoga teachers in Greece. At a very young age, at 1981, she met her Guru, Paramahmsa Satyananda. Her teacher initiated her to the spiritual path of Yoga and she received her spiritual name, Aischwarya Devi In 1987 she founded a Ballet school in Chalandri, Athens, where for the following 10 years she often hosted events, inviting several teachers from Greece and from around the world to make presentations on Yoga. 

She has over the years made various presentations and speeches on Greek Television, the radio and relevant magazines, speaking on all the yoga matters she has worked on in depth, in an effort to share her knowledge with the general public, thereby contributing to the betterment of our society and the elevation of the human spirit.


Amandio (Tino) Figueiredo - Starts Yoga practice in the 60s, along with other arts and Eastern practices. From October 1982 onwards he started to study and practice Oriental Arts in the school of Georges Stobbaerts - Tenchi International Is founder of several associations of Yoga and other Eastern Art. Knows the Ayurveda in the 80s, and initiates studies and training in Ayurveda in 2003, getting training in Ayurveda during 4 years.Travels several times to India, and Europe, and others Continents which deepens the knowledge in Ayurveda and Yoga. Participates as a practitioner and trainer in some European Yoga Meetings, in Zinal, Switzerland. He participates in the preparation of meetings of the EUAA in Germany, being a founding member, and is a full member. He is a founding member of several Ayurvedic institutions in Portugal. He directs and teaches the discipline of Ayurveda in various Associations and Health Schools in Lisbon and Santarem. He is teacher of Yoga in the Teacher Course of the Portuguese Yoga Federation-PU
He is the Director of Department of Ayurveda and Yogatherapy (DAYT) of Portuguese Yoga Federation-PU.


Amelia Devi Rozzi


Andre Riehl - Practices Yoga since the age of 11. By the age of 24, he first stayed in a monastery in the Himalayas, before wandering along the roads of India, meeting many traditional masters with whom he sometimes stayed, studying very specific teachings from classical as well as tantric yoga practices. After some searching years, meeting Kashmiri Babu, a wandering ascetic from the Shaïva tradition, he undergone a deep study retreat into the spiritual quest.

Also very touched by his meetings with J.Krishnamurti and Sri Ananda Mayee Ma, he studied two other important aspects of the inner path, related to these two great instructors: discrimination and relationship.


Andrii Mishchenko - started practicing yoga in 2008.There were various kinds of health problems, against which classical (alopathic) medicine could not provide anything, subsequently, a deep study of the systems of natural self-regulation of a person and their application in practice became the main occupation of my life.

In 2010 he began teaching in his hometown of Vinnitsa (Ukraine). Then he taught for several years in Moscow.Then in Poland. All this time, I was haunted by the feeling that the practice was incomplete. Flexibility can be developed to infinity, you can create complexes of gymnastic exercises, the implementation of which can cause the desired effect on the body, energy, mind or internal states of a person, but the more I developed, the more I realized that this is not yoga. He studied with many teachers, but he did not know both the truth and the essence of yoga.


Amra Kubat - born in Sarajevo, on 25th of January 1979.

Gisa Franceschelli - Pedagogist, Yoga teacher for adults and children and Teacher trainer. She began studying and practicing Yoga in 1972, at the age of 14. Teacher in the Primary School from 1983 to 2016. Qualified to teach foreign language (English) in primary school. Graduated with honours in Pedagogy (Sapienza di Roma in 1987).
Full yoga diploma with Maestro Roberto Mattei, Yoga and woman with Barbara Woheler, pranayama courses with Maestro Antonio Nuzzo. She followed and continues to follow Master Amadio Bianchi in Ayurveda and Yoga therapy.
Professor of Psychology and Human Sciences at the "Giulio Verne" Social and Health Institute of Rome from 2016 to 2019. Currently professor of Human Sciences in the Classical Lyceum and of Human Sciences “Anco Marzio” of Ostia. Second Level in  “Reiki Usui”.


Gudakesha Prof. Dr. Kurt Becker - Integrativer Yoga Psychologischer Berater (BYVG), Meditationskursleiter (BYVG), Reiki 3.Grad (BYVG) und Yogalehrer (BYV), Mitbegründer und Ausbildungsleiter des Yoga Vidya Center Aachen, Professur für „Gesundheitstechnologie-Management“, nebenberufliche Lehrkraft für den Hochschulzertifikatslehrgang „Wissenschaft des Yoga Vidya“. Gründer und Leiter eines Unternehmens für Prävention. Er verbindet in seiner Arbeit westliches Wissen mit dem reichhaltigen Erfahrungsschatz des Yoga. Er hat sich besonders mit der Praxis der Achtsamkeit, des Raja Yoga, energetischer Arbeit unterschiedlicher Traditionen und der komplementären, personalisierten Medizin beschäftigt. Diese alten Erfahrungsschätze nutzt Gudasheka zur Prävention von stressbedingten und/oder neuromuskulären Erkrankungen.

Ilija Daov - start with yoga practice in 1999. Twelfe years ago I finished my first 200 hours Hatha Yoga Pradipika under protection of teacher Pavlos Hasanagas, and many seminars (form 2007 – 2012, Struga 7 days, Krushevo 5 days, Ohrid 4 days, Veles 2 days, Krushevo 3 days, in Skopje, Strumica
In Sombor, Serbia – 200 hours Hatha Yoga, teacher Fabian Parishkic

In  Rishikesh, India (Himallayan Yoga Association)  - 100 hours Ashtanga yoga & Vinyasa flow. I have to mention teachers: Himanshu Joshi, Ajay Dhasmana, Parveen Sunil Sharma, Yashpal Rautela, Ram Negi….

In Rishikesh, India  (Ayurveda massage centre – Panchkarma treatment, Kerala style)  - 100 h


Dr. Krzysztof-Stec - ein ehemaliger Wissenschaftler an der Universität von Rajasthan, begann seine Yogapraxis im Alter von 15 Jahren. Er erhielt 1976 sein Diplom in Yoga am Yoga College Kaivalyadhama. 2014 erhielt er seinen Doktortitel in Philosophie an der Warschauer Universität für Sportwissenschaften. Seine Artikel über Yoga wurden in internationalen Zeitschriften veröffentlicht und er hält regelmäßig weltweit Vorträge über Yoga, Gesundheit und Ernährung.

Maja Milićević ex Popov -  the teacher of transcendental meditation, master in sports management, the founder and the owner of the Holistic Academy Maya and School for Yoga Teachers Maya.

Maja is the founder of the Holistic Academy Maya in Belgrade, established on the Unity of Eastern Wisdom and Western medicine. She gained the Vedic knowledge from one of the foremost TM teachers of today, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (TM, Ayurveda, Vastu & Yoga). She specialized in therapeutic yoga and individual training approach with Yogacharya Jadranko Miklec and successfully teaches and shares her skills in the school to many students and professional athletes.

Maja studied the ideal system of exercises for the spine with Maharishi Swami Dev Murti. Pulse diagnosis and Marma massage she learned from Dr. Ernst Schrott, director of the Academy of the German Society for Ayurveda. NLP and 20 life coach techniques she trained with Dr Nada Kaiser and Dr Vesna Danilovac.

Maja has developed and designed therapeutic yoga techniques and individual approach according to the individual physiology, age and health condition. She has published two books and two DVD's. 


Mangala Stefanie Klein - Diplomtheologin, Heilpraktikerin, Meditationslehrerin (BYVG), Yogalehrerin (BYV) und Spirituelle Lebensberaterin (BYVG). Gründerin, Leiterin und Ausbildungsleitung vom Yoga Vidya Center Münster, Nebenberufliche Lehrkraft für den Hochschulzertifikatslehrgang „Wissenschaft des Yoga Vidya“. Mangala führt seit 2003 eine eigene Naturheilpraxis mit den Therapieschwerpunkten Homöopathie und Klangmassage und bringt über 20 Jahre Erfahrungen in unterschiedlichen Bereichen der Bildungsarbeit ein. In ihren Seminaren verbindet sie den Wissensschatz verschiedener spiritueller Traditionen mit erfahrungsorientierten, praktischen Methoden, die Menschen helfen können, ihren ureigenen, individuellen Weg zu finden.

Pedro Pastor 

• Doctor in Health Sciences from the University of Alcalá de Henares. Madrid. Spain.
• Graduate in Nursing. Specialist in Occupational Nursing.
• Master in Public Health.
• International Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer registered by Yoga Alliance.
• Trained in Raja Yoga at the Bihar School of Yoga. Munger. India.
• Judo Teacher Black Belt 2nd Dan
• Founder and President of the Sankalpa Yoga Association.





Sanita Silina - a yoga student, began the path in her childhood, receiving  some yoga practices from her father.

Since 1998, while being professionally involved in the corporate world, Sanita continued to practice and to learn with the yoga teachers from Latvia, Europe, India, Canada and USA. Her meeting with the Yoga Master Andrė Riehl (Sri Bhaskar Nath) in Luxembourg, evolved in a continuous svadyaya and further study of Nidra Yoga. It also has created an opportunity for introducing the teachings of Andrė Ji  to other yoga students in Latvia. She continues to study in a Nidra Yoga Teachers Program, Nidra Yoga International.
Since receiving her Teacher Training Certificate from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Uttarkashi, India in 2014, Sanita has been giving regular group classes and individual sessions of yoga practice indoors, outdoors and online.

Tarja Kallio-Tamminen - is a physicist and philosopher occupied by the nature of reality and the potential that is contained within human beings. She has focused on the implications of quantum physics and on consciousness studies searching their relations also with ideas originating from Eastern philosophy. Kallio-Tamminen runs a philosophy practice (KalpaTaru) whose yoga philosophy and -psychology draws extensively on the teachings of Patanjali, Satyananda Saraswati and Hiroshi Motoyama. Presently she is delved in co-operation with neuroscientists developing EEG-guided meditation.
The benefits of this approach has provided tools like ‘BrainMind Audit’ which allows to show the objective results meditation practices do have on various brain functions and the ‘Self-Me-I’ index that is able to monitor the results of long-term meditation on different aspects of the self.


Dr. Vedamurti Olaf Schönert - Yogalehrer (BYV), Yoga Vidya Acharya, Koordinator der vereinseigenen Stadtzentren, Diplom-Kaufmann, erfahrener Ausbildungsleiter für Yogalehrer, Meditationslehrer (BYVG), systemischer Berater (BYVG), psychologischer Yogatherapeut (BYAT), Yin Yogalehrer (BYV). Weiterbildungen in Bodywork, Rückenyoga, Unterrichten von fortgeschrittenem Pranayama und Kundaliniyoga sowie Yoga Nidra®. Langjährige Unterrichtserfahrung als Universitätsdozent, Buchautor. Studierte traditionelles Vedanta bei James Swartz.